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19-Jan-2010 Quest Natural Spring Water chosen by Kellogs Iron Man Series
18-Dec-2009 Police and Citizens Youth Club connects with Quest

One of Australia`s Finest Sources of Spring Water

The source of Quest Natural Spring Water is a beautiful property called Rosehill Estate on the east coast of Australia near Murwillumbah in the shadow of Mount Warning. The local Aboriginal groups call this mountain Wollumbin which means cloud catcher. It is considered a very sacred mountain by the Aboriginals of the area and anyone viewing this special landscape can sense its spiritual aura. The whole district attracts people on a quest to find peace, harmony and a way to live close to nature.

Wollumbin is an extinct volcano. When it erupted over 20 million years ago it created a caldera now full of virgin rainforests and lush tropical vegetation. The volcano also created pockets of pristine spring water locked deep in the earth in amongst natural crystals.

This special water is bottled from the ROSEHILL SPRING at its source deep within the earth. The water is naturally purified, mineralised and filtered through layers of volcanic rock. This produces a crisp, clean and refreshing taste. Before the water source was found the owners of Rosehill Estate had already christened that part of their property Little Avalon because of the beautiful spiritual energy of the land there.

The quest to find water of the highest quality which also holds the beautiful energy of the sacred landscape from which it comes leads us to Quest Natural Spring Water.

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